Our Mission

Intuitive Natural Fitness, LLC believes in challenging the status quo of the fitness industry. We strive to maintain professionalism in our work space, all the while creating a community atmosphere and environment. We are committed to empowering individuals through fitness education, lifestyle choices and nutrition. We will take responsibility of our actions and provide the best outcomes for our clients.

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What To Expect From Our Training

Our Personal Training and Online Training Programming is evidence and science based. This means we utilize research and personal expertise to meet the needs of our clients.

With our In-Person training, our trainers stay with you during the entire session to focus on form, educate and assist you. We DO NOT walk away and leave you guessing what to do next.

What Our Nutrition Programming Looks Like

Our Nutrition Programming is all about improving your current nutrition and creating a plan that fits your individual goals and nutrient needs because, we are all individual. That is why we do not put you on a "diet."

We take measurements, record your activity level, take in account the foods you like, do not like, allergies and intolerance's. 

Our Nutrition Programming can be macro or caloric based.

Meet the staff who will get you InFit

Owner & Head Coach: Cory Baumann

Cory is a Certified Personal Trainer, Specialized in Exercise Therapy, Specialized in Sports Nutrition, and Yoga Instructor. His past includes extensive experience in the health and wellness profession. He was a Licensed Massage Therapist just shy of 8 years and within his practice he found it exhilarating to help people get to where they once were prior to any mental or physical barriers. His passion for health, wellness and fitness really took off when he broke his neck in 2008, receiving proper pain management in the form of exercise therapy.

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What our clients are saying:

"Good morning. just wanted to share some good news. I'm down 8 pounds. I know that's likely water weight and not to be expected every week, however my sandals are fitting way looser AND I can wear my engagement ring again!! It's tight but I can get it on!!!"

Mandie H.

"My husband and I have had a great experience with Heather and Corey at InFit. The personal training and nutrition has been truly personalized for us. Corey touches bases with us regularly and is very responsive to any questions that we have had about the nutrition and he truly wants to see us achieve our goals. Heather always makes us feel welcome and and supported in making the changes that we need to be successful, because she has made changes in her life on her fitness journey. The workouts are fun! I'm so engaged that I'm surprised when I see that our 30 minutes are gone, and I walk out ready to take on the rest of the day. I would recommend InFit to anyone who really wants to improve their health, feel better both mentally and physically, learn how to eat foods that are truly good for you, and feel welcome in an environment that is tailored for your success."

Tara G.

"This place is AMAZING!! The atmosphere is good vibes all around, You should definitely come check it out! The trainers are super nice and they really know their stuff! They do personalized meal plans and workouts catered to your body type. They can definitely help you reach your personal goals- no matter what they might be- 🤩💪 And Aerial yoga classes are SUPER FUN 😍"

Makenzie B.

"As Much as I want Cory and Heather to succeed at what they do well, I don’t want to let the secret outta the bag!! If you are intimidated by a gym, don’t like working out in a crowd, like a one on one instruction, and want that “trainer” who cares about your success – Then this is the place! After one work out with Cory – he made it easier to come back and start a journey that I know I can do, from the work outs, to the meals plans! So glad I found this place and Cory and Heather – Now…..if you can keep a secret….."

Gina G.

"So I recently signed up here at this facility. I was ecstatic when Intuitive Natural Fitness "InFit" opened up in AJ. I needed accountability and an AM workout before work at the beginning of the week instead of shoving them at the end of the week. Cory & Heather have been great! We get along well and we're finding our groove. It's a friendly space and they'll play the music you want. Bonus! They also have this wooden climbing pegboard pullup thingy that's now on my goal list. Check them out. Their solid people. **And he'll manage your nutrition for $15. Um yes, please. So much easier. **"

Jessie W.

"I have only been working out with Cory for a couple of weeks. I decided to give his gym a try since Intuitive Natural Fitness is a local Apache Junction small business and part of AJ Chamber. Cory keeps in regular contact with me and keeps me motivated. I recommend getting personal training and working out with Intuitive Natural Fitness if you are wanting personal attention and high level personal training!"

Evelyn B.

"Great people with great insights with great compassion to meet any client where they are at to help them achieve their fitness goals."

Jeremy S.

"this gym brings such a positive and fun outlook on working out. you’re not just getting a trainer when you come here, you’re getting friends and people who care about you. they want you to succeed, and put your goals and your success above anything else. this is where i look forward to coming to every morning."

Alex B.