Our Gym & Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions

What does your gym offer?

We offer 1 on 1 personal training, semi private personal training, small group training, nutrition coaching, chair massage, aerial classes and open gym access.

Does your gym have daycare services?

At this time our gym does not offer any childcare or daycare services, however we do have a small section set up for your littles to write on a chalk wall, read books, relax on a comfy couch and have some small toys. So you can bring a child during your training if absolutely necessary, but keep in mind NO employee will be fully tending to children.

What are the rates of your services?

Check out our services section.

Do you have open gym? Can I just come to workout without a trainer?

Please check out our services section to find more information.

Do you sell merchandise?

We sell some home exercise equipment, protein, supplements and apparel. 

What are your terms and conditions?

Click at the bottom of any page to read our terms of service.

Do you have showers on site?

We do not. But we encourage you to bring a gym towel if necessary.

How many days per week do I need to workout?

Depending on your health and fitness level, it is best to commit to exercising 2-3 times per week at minimum. Fewer workout sessions will feel like you are going nowhere or starting all over. 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio and 75 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise is recommended by the ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine). These workouts will include variations of resistance training and flexibility training. 

What should I eat prior to a workout?

Ideally it is best to have some kind of fuel in your system. Eating something easily digestible 30-45 minutes prior to exercise ensures enough energy to get through the training session. Some people cannot handle eating early in the morning and then working out but again, your body requires some fuel to be utilized. 

What should I eat after a workout?

Simply put, it is is essential and vital to eat after a workout or any intense activity. Eating replenishes your glycogen stores and 'feed' the muscles that you've trained. A protein shake or other post workout with BCAAs will do the trick.

Why can't I just do cardio? Why do I need to do strength training?

While cardiovascular training is great to build a strong heart and lungs, it does not provide the stimulus your body needs to build bigger, stronger muscles and bones. Adding strength training allows you to burn more calories and targets muscles that you do not typically use during cardio.

How frequently should I see a trainer?

The ideal frequency of personal training sessions varies from person to person. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are an advanced individual, personal training keeps you motivated, educated and accountable. You might not be aware of how to correct/prevent any injuries, target specific muscles, or meal prep.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

You can expect to FEEL the results of your training sooner than you SEE them. There is a lot more to it than just seeing results. Most people who regularly exercise report improvements in sleep, mood and energy levels withing 2-3 weeks.

Why don't my workouts ever get easier?

As your body becomes stronger and more familiar with exercise, your workouts will feel easier. Always communicate with your trainer if you are not seeing or feeling the results you expect so they can adjust accordingly. 

Aerial Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be flexible and strong to start?

NO! Aerial training will help you become more flexible and strong. Each class is Beginner level and all postures have variations for those who are just starting and for those who need more challenge.

Will the hammock hold my weight?

YES! The hammocks are rigged by professionals and will hold up to 600 pounds. Each hammock is inspected regularly for damage and wear.

Can I Practice if I am pregnant?

For safety and liability reasons unfortunately no. We ask you to wait until after giving birth and being cleared for exercise by your doctor.

How big are the classes?

We only have 4 student hammocks! Classes are very small and personal.

Am I going to be flipping and hanging upside down for the whole class?

NO! The whole class is not just flips and tricks. Each class begins with a warm up and progresses to strength/flexibility training postures. Once the body is warm and ready we will practice a few inversions and what many consider to be dance style postures and then finish up with a cool down.

Am I going to be sore the next day?

Maybe. Initially, it takes a little time to condition your body to be comfortable with the pressure of the hammock on various body parts. You might have a few bruises and be somewhat sore when you first start practicing, but with time most people find that this discomfort goes a way.